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The Most Powerful Essential Oils to Deal with Acne

In the past, you may have thought that teenagers only experienced breakouts, but you may have by now seen that even adults get the same experience. The pimples can get anyone irrespective of their age. They can be caused by genetic makeup, stress levels, hormone balance and also by diet. There are also other trivial things that can make you get acne such like scrubbing the skin too hard or washing the face too often. Turning to creams, scrubs and chemical washes can make your situation worse and thus you need to have an excellent remedy to work for you. The most advisable way is to look for the following essential oils for acne.


Oregano is flavorful and aromatic, and it is mostly used in the kitchen. If you want to have clear skin, then you will need to get this oil in your cabinet. It is an effective ingredient for dealing with pimples. The oil has antibacterial properties and natural antiseptics that make it effective for Acne treating. Ensure that you dilute this oil before you apply it on your skin. You can use a little oregano oil with a little carrier oil like coconut, olive or jojoba oil. You are then supposed to rub the mixture regularly on the spot on the skin until it clears.

Tea Tree

People who have experienced the antiseptic and powerful scent of the tea tree can tell you that oil has serious anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. It is best to use this oils early enough before they end up being nasty. Just deep a swab in a jar of the essential oil and apply it on the affected area. People with whose skin is notably sensitive are advised not to use the oil. It is also vital apprehending that the essential oil can dry your skin. If you have not used the oil before, it is recommendable that you dilute it before use with other oils such as jojoba.


Another best oil to fight acne and soothing to the skin is the lavender oil. This oil can assist you to get rid of any blemishes on the skin. You should make lavender one of your beauty regime every day, and this will assist you in the prevention of breakouts. One way to use lavender is by choosing a moisturizer or face wash with the lavender oil as one of their main ingredients. You can also make a moisturizer for yourself by the lavender essential oil with grape seed, almond or jojoba oils.


The essential oil from bergamot will work well on your skin. The antibacterial properties and revitalizing fragrance make it a suitable option for treating acne. You can also merge it with other oils to make your treatment for acne. Mix the bergamot oil with jojoba, olive or coconut oil. You can also fuse it with other oils that are known for fighting acne, and it will work perfectly for you.